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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Proof That Lilo Does Not Need Kidd Money

 Proof That Lilo Does Not Need Kidd Money 

The internet broke today as Kidd and Lilo were seen hanging out which made Elites come out to react that she is only using Kidd to chase clout.

A Twitter user who is a Lilo fan fan brought out a photo of the former housemate showing the brands she was putting on and claimed she already was doing good for herself before she came into the house.

The question was posed to Kidd some days back if he was going to continue his relationship with Erica while they are outside the house and he removed the certainty, saying  that he is not sure yet they are going to have the kind of relationship they had inside the house outside.

He added that they are still going to be friends outside the house, and they will still be cool. 

While in the house, Lilo was always seen with Eric which according to many made people not really recognise that she was in the house. Even Laycon said she had great potential that was not displayed in the house as he felt she left the house too early.

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