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Friday, September 4, 2020

Nengi Supports Lucy For Rejecting Kiddwaya's Team

 Nengi Supports Lucy For Rejecting Kiddwaya's Team

There was a heated argument in the Big Brother Naija house yesterday when the housemates were preparing for their presentation for Amatem soft gel because Lucy refused to join the second team.

Prince was all over her as he said she is always doing that. She made her claims that when they also didn't want to be on the same team with her, nobody complained, why is it when she says the same that a problem rises?

Nengi who was invited to the diary room for a session with Biggie spoke on the argument yesterday saying that Lucy is free with her choices. Also that she wouldn't want to be on that team too if she was not vibing with people there.

"She is entitled to her choice cause honestly if I don’t vibe with people on the team, I won't want to be part of that team," #BBNengi making a case for #BBLucy not wanting to be part of #BBKiddwaya's team."

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