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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Erica Admits Having S£x in the HOH Room (Video)

 Erica Admits Having S£x in the HOH Room (Video)

While talking in the house, Erica had admitted that she was engaged in s..x while in the head of house room with Kiddwaya.

Many fans came for the camera operator who they name as 'kayode' for not showing them the content of what happened in the room as they had to hear it from her mouth.

Initially, fans were trying to cover up that she did not do anything with him, claiming that it was just mere cuddling, but after hearing her say it, it was concluded.

OPINION: I don't know if what her and Kiddwaya share is truly love as I've seen their dealings in the house. It's looking more like infatuation.

We'll know if what they have is love after they are done with the show and leaves the house.

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