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Monday, August 31, 2020

Why I Love DJ Cuppy So Much

 Why I Love DJ Cuppy So Much

The Nigerian Disc Jockey has been one that is someone to talk about and someone to be loved, but the funny thing about this life is that, not everybody will like or love you no matter what you do.

While scrolling through social media platform daily, I see alot of comments from several people on Cuppy which is actually surprising.

I really do not know her personally, I would love to though, but one thing I can draw from her is that she is very diligent in her business.

You see alot of comments that she is only where she is because of her father's money. I believe that God made her father there and it is not really her fault. Also, if Femi Otedola was not her father, I can almost beat my chest to say she will still be successful.

It is rare to see a DJ putting in so much energy into her work. I even look forward to seeing her in the Big Brother Naija show (This is something to really consider).

Her songs may get a lot of criticism from some "lazy" Nigerian youths, but they've been a hit back to back for me. She is one of the Nigerian stars I respect so much.

Normally, I don't just sit to put down some words for Celebrities, but she deserves this. More grease Cuppy.

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