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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Ozo Finally Had His Way With Nengi

Ozo Finally Had His Way With Nengi

There has been so much excitement from viewers after a video was uploaded that claimed Ozo had his way with Nengi.

Some of her fans denied that any of such ever happened as get watched it, while others said they were only holding hands like they usually do before they sleep.

Nengi in time past have told Ozo and other housemates that she has a boyfriend outside the house who she wishes to still continue her relationship with. She had even been seen on several occasions talking about him.

Ozo on the other hand has refused to give up on her as he keeps going after her. Some say he is doing that maybe she will change her mind about him and they create an 'Ozone' ship.

Meanwhile, in the house, the strongest ship so far, 'The Kiddrica ship' is even getting bigger even if some of the other housemates are against their relationship.

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