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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Nengi Seen Feeding Ozo

 Nengi Seen Feeding Ozo 

Ozo cannot be so sure where he stands in the heart of Nengi. Despite not giving him greenlight enough, she still tries to do some girlfriend's duty to him.

Nengi has revealed in time past of her relationship outside the Big Brother Naija house, telling the housemates how she still loves her boyfriend even after they have broken up.

She had even gone ahead one time to tell Ozo that they cannot date him as she plans on still going back to her boyfriend when the show is finally over.

Ozo keeps playing his part as he keeps pushing and pushing hoping that one day she changes her mind towards him.

She said her ex boyfriend was not comfortable with her coming for the show which was why they had to separate, but that she still loves him.

Even when the housemates think she was leading guys on in the house, she had an argument to clear out the air that she was not leading them on.

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