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Monday, July 27, 2020

Why It is Not Safe To Buy Bitcoin Now

Why It is Not Safe To Buy Bitcoin Now

There has been an increase in the crypto market for some time now and many have been trying to put all their eggs in one basket by investing all their income in it and expecting a sudden doubling of their money in a few days.

That may not be the case. The rise in crypto price currently is as a result of people in different parts of the world being locked up at home and are looking for different places to invest and voila, crypto became an option.

As many people buys the crypto, it increases in value. The problem now is, how long will this increase last? And will people loose money in the process?.

There's a high probability that many are going to loose money at the end of the rise in the crypto as people are investing in it late.

It could just drop as you sleep and wake. It can't be predicted. 

Advise: wAit till it drops and invest.

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