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Thursday, July 2, 2020

What To Do To Stay Awake When You Want To

What To Do To Stay Awake When You Want To

Believe me when I say that sleep is very good and essential for our health, but there are sometimes when you have so much to do and cannot just sleep, but like a friend of mine would say "you cannot cheat nature".

Permit me to make you cheat nature a bit with this short article on sleep. You hear of the wealthiest and greatest of all men telling you that they sleep for just 3 hours, they sleep for two hours and you wonder if these people are super beings?

The answer is, I was also in your shoe, yes! you reading this article right now! and I found the solution which I can boldly call, "The art of sleep".

Sleep is actually a thing of the mind, and it is how you program it, it will function. Have you discovered that if you pick up a book to study, you won't last long reading it. But try watching "Game of Thrones" or any very interesting series and you find out that you can stay very late in the night.

Our minds are programmed to last longer with the things we love and when we get bored, our minds see that as an hibernating period, so it shuts down, thereby, making us sleep.

You ,may now want to ask me, how do you do it? Simple! Just try as much as possible to enjoy what you are about to do even if it doesn't seem enjoyable at all. Most times, I laugh when reading something boring like it was interesting. My mind then thinks the same and stays alive.

You really do not need to take coffee or whatever caffeine you use to stay awake, use this method and see how it works for you.

Advice: when necessary please make sure you take the adequate amount of rest.

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