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Thursday, July 9, 2020

My Experience During NYSC Service, One I Will Never Forget

During my stay in camp, all I wanted was to be posted to a school, private, government whether tertiary or secondary, as long as I would still be in the educational system.

I was very lucky to be posted to one of the best foreign schools in the country. Made inquiry about the school and was told good things about them plus the renumeration of which the pay was 25k for corp members. I was very happy because not only was I given an opportunity to teach and work with a white man but I would also be paid well. Imagine collecting 25k + 19800=44800 monthly, that's a huge sum for a corp member, plus the opportunity to practice what I love most (teaching). Over excitement was an understated word.

Having gotten to my local govt of posting, I headed straight to the school with excitement just to have a sight of the place I would soon be working 😀. You know, where I come from ehn we don't get to meet a white man often, so working with a white man felt like I had won a trophy.
I felt relieved cause never have I seen a secondary school well structured like that. For me, the structures were even mightier than the ones at my university.
Went back home, washed and pressed my khaki. You know first impression goes a long way🤗.

Fast forward to the next morning, dressed in my 7 over 7 plus I made sure my complete credentials were in my bag. It took me 20 minutes to reach my destination. Got to the gate, I was asked a lot of questions by the gateman before he allowed me in. Then I was shown the principal's office. With full confidence, I walked in ( that feeling of i know what i carry😂🤣).

Met with the secretary and told her I wanted to see the principal. That was when the issue started. She first of all weighed me from head to toes. Then asked me if I was a Christian .
That verse in the bible that says you must not deny your lord, your God just flashed. I responded to the affirmative. I am a Christian. So she said "sorry, we don't need corp members right now" cmon that was the principal's secretary not the principal. I insisted to see the principal but she just didn't allow me in. In the process of dragging and arguing with the woman a lady corp member stepped in, dressed in hijab and abaya on her khaki came in and asked to see the principal. This one didnt argue, she said "he is in.. You can go in". I didnt have to be told what I already knew to leave the office. Ladies and gentlemen I left. I didn't give up o.. I still went back to the school the next day to try my luck again. Guess I wasn't lucky enough, same woman didn't allow me to see the white man (principal)

my hope was dashed, I was angry, I fell ill, for days all I did was sob😪. I was immediately obsessed with an environment that didn't need my competency. It took me awhile to get over that Turkish school😭.

My first 3 weeks after camp felt depressing, I blamed myself for not redeploying to Lagos. Carried my bag and left to Jalingo. After the Christmas break I was already done with them, hell you white man school😃 its time to move on. Was then posted to a college of education.. That's another story to tell🤣

Religion is a personal thing, but if we don't stop using the guise of religion and tribe to judge people's competency, this country will never move forward.

PS: this is not a hate speech, I am not against any religion. I wasn't told this story, I experienced it. We all have had an experience in different ways. I know of muslims who got rejected cause of their religion.. So its a general problem. I LOVE THE MUSLIMS. they've been my helpers in different stages. They are the ones I trust the most in my life. So please don't think I wrote this to spite a religion.

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