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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Lilo and Eric's Moment Disturbed By Laycon (Video)

Lilo and Eric's Moment Disturbed By Laycon (Video)

Despite being advised by Biggie to take things slow with Eric, Lilo still went harder as she was seen kissing him in bed last night but was distracted by Laycon who was looking for chicken in the middle of the night.

Eric and Lilo's relationship in the house is one of the most hated as many viewers do not approve of it as they call it "boring".

The vibes around the relationship in the house according to those viewing is that between Erica and Kiddwaya, but it seems the relationship is one sided as Erica says she does not have a mental connection with Kidd.

She went further by saying that she only have real Conversations with Laycon in the house, claiming what she has with Kidd is just a flirty one.

Meanwhile, Lucy has been running the house according to the housemate, at a military level as she wants things done her own way in the house.


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