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Sunday, July 26, 2020

"Kiki Mordi and Seyitan Sending Me Death Threats" - Segalinks Reveals

"Kiki Mordi Sending Me Death Threats" - Segalinks Reveals 

Segalinks has released a statement about Kiki Mordi, Seyitan on the D'banj case.

He wrote using his social media page...

"Kiki Mordi has been displaying momentary lapses of judgement for quite a while, which I have chosen to see as her own cross as confused with the adulterated mask of feminism worn as a virtue, while ruining her own brand across platforms. I have daughters older than her at home."

"For the remaining unfortunate souls, I guess 24hrs will soon be over and they will have the Lawyers to answer to. It is just unfortunate how avarice and lust for fame could bring a damaging precedent like this. It will take a lot for anyone to take Rape allegations seriously now."

"The idea is to shame the girl further having failed to exploit her vulnerabilities for their profit. What these socially maladjusted felons in wigs are doing will further damage the fight against Sexual Assault and Rape allegations goings forward. They ruined the work of years."

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