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Thursday, July 2, 2020

#COVID19: How To Stay Safe This COVID-19 Period

#COVID19: How To Stay Safe This COVID-19 Period

Ever since the pandemic started, it has caused a lot of things all over the world to shut down, many businesses have packed up, so many people have lost their jobs among others, some even discovered there is no need to have a physical office as they see that they can work from home.

There's an old saying that "whenever there's life, there's hope", so what is most important this COVID-19 period is actually to stay alive. When one is alive, new and more opportunities will come that one can easily grab from.

So in this article, I'll be showing some of the ways to stay safe this period, we are already familiar with these, but this is more like a reminder.

Recently, the government after a long period of lockdown opened up market places and some other essential places on conditions that the residents comply strictly to precautionary measures to help them stay safe.

But as time goes on, many have started ignoring those measures given by the health experts and government.

List of the precautionary measures to look into and still keep.

1. Ensure safe distancing in public places.

2. Wash your hands when in contact with people, make sure it is washed with soapy water.

3. Make use of face masks when going out. Ensure you change face masks from time to time.

4. Get a hand sanitiser as you may not have access to water all the time.

5. If you do not have to compulsorily be outside, then stay home as it is the best precautionary measure to take.

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