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Sunday, June 28, 2020

#COVID19: Best Ways To Stay Safe From COVID-19

#COVID19: Best Way To Stay Safe From COVID-19 (Day 1)

As the world still suffers from the lingering pandemic, COVID-19 the best way to stay safe this period is to stay at home for now.

I've been getting complains from people that their work told them to resume despite the virus. For that kind of situation, just try as much as possible to stay clear of people.

Don't do a "long time no see" greeting when you get the work because you cannot be so sure the person close to you have contacted the virus already.

There is currently no proven cure for the virus but there has been precautionary measures advised by several health experts worldwide on ways to deal with the virus.

Some includes washing of hand with soap and water, using of face masks and hand sanitiser.

Stay safe!

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