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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Man Tired Of His Girlfriend This Lockdown (Video)

Man Tired Of His Girlfriend This Lockdown (Video)

A man who because of the lock down stayed full time with his girlfriend at home got really tired after having too many "fun time" together.

The man who was seen in the video ran over to report to the police while his girlfriend followed him behind, both of them were moving like Adam and eve before they ate the fruit.

He reported to the police men available there at that moment requesting that they move him to a different location far from where she was.

Apparently, she was so much of an addict and he could not take it anymore so had to take the long way down and took a drastic step.

The girlfriend who ran after him in the video was seen begging him to come back with her, but with the intervention of the security operatives, they had to make her give him some space.

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