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Friday, April 3, 2020

#CoronaVirus: Does Wearing Face Masks Really Protects You From The Pandemic?

#CoronaVirus: Does Wearing Face Masks Really Protects You From The Pandemic?

While several experts have been trying as much as possible to get new information about the pandemic, COVID-19 there have been so many conclusions made along the way. Some of those conclusions which turns out to be correct, while others are just people's beliefs.

One of the unifying conclusion made was that the use of face mask is very essential in limiting the spread of Corona virus, so many have turned it to their daily dressing kit.

There's no doubt that there have been a whole lot of fatalities caused by the wide spread virus, which has caused people to make the wrong steps. Taking alcohol, making concotions, subjecting themselves to heat and many more.

Today, we will be looking into the facts about nose masks, to find out if it is really necessary to be wearing it about or not.


Doctors have thought the use of nose masks in the past, and one of what was brought out was the different colour use. The white nose masks is used for those who are not yet sick, the blue is used for those sick.


According to WHO, the use of cloth masks does not protect one from contacting the pandemic as the rate at which it protects is 0%. 


Basically, nose mask is for those who have already contacted the virus and wants to avoid the spread. One of the symptom of Corona virus is coughing and can be contacted by another when droplets from the other individual touches them.

For the non sick people wearing the mask, it is to protect this droplets from touching them. But some make the mistake of using their bare hands to remove the mask when they are done using it which is very wrong, very very wrong.

When removing nose mask from one's nose, the use of protective gloves should be used to avoid direct contact with the hand.

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