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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

For Those That Applied For The PTDF Scholarship Scheme

For Those That Applied For The PTDF Scholarship Scheme

The scholarship scheme, PTDF has today started sending mails to all successful candidate in the first stage of the scholarship process.

Many have already received mails stating their success and schedule for the interview at different locations in Nigeria.

It should be noted that PTDF sends their mails at once and not in batches, for those that have not received any mail yet should go to their spam folder in their emails.

If not found still, simply log in to your candidate's page to see if you were successful to go on to the next stage.

Every successful candidate should reconfirm their interview locations , else they would not get further mails as to where to do their interviews.

PTDF gave a total of 48 hours from the time the mail was sent to confirm the location for the interview.

Each successful candidate will be scheduled within the period of 16th to the 27th of the month of March with their various time slots in the mail that will follow up.

Any more questions regarding the PTDF selection process and interview questions should be asked in the comment section. Our experts will be here to attend to your questions.



Kenn said...

Dear sir / Madam,

I was selected for the PHD interview.

Please how is the interview like and what kind of questions and things I am expected to be updated on thanks.


Unknown said...

I am selected for the Msc interview, please I would like you to put me through on how the interview will look like, is it going to be based on course of study, current affair etc, will it be oral or written and what are the basic things that they look out for.
Thanks and God Bless.

Unknown said...

I'm selected for the Msc interview, saw something online about it being just oral. About 10-15mins on topics regarding your Statement of Purpose. Please is this accurate? Also, what are the other pointers I should take.

Sunday Joseph said...

Good evening all thing you should know about the PTDF Program is that they do not want to be predictable and as such change their systems every time. There was a time they were writing tests, there was a time when it was like job interview and some time about your course of study...just be prepared

Oracle said...

I also got an invite. I have written their test in the past, didn't write last time. I don't know if the interview process is going to be written or oral. Can somebody Helppp a neighbor

Anonymous said...

Hello Sunday, i was invited for interview (PhD in Germany) and I have chosen my new center. the challenge is i have not reached any of the school for a supervisor or admission. will this be a challenge

Sunday Joseph said...

Good day...that wouldn't be a problem...most times, PTDF don't even expect you to have applied for a school till you're considered fit for the scholarship. The most important thing is that you already have a topic for your thesis.

Anonymous said...

wow. this is relieving. i have a topic and i am hoping to defend it. At what point should I commence request the admission fromn the schools i selected as you know it may be difficult getting a supervisor

Ola said...

Good evening all,I tried logging in and was told my account is locked.pls how do I go about it?