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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Update: Iowa Caucus Puts Pete Buttigieg At The Top, See How (Photos)

Update: Iowa Caucus Puts Pete Buttigieg At The Top, See How (Photos)

After the polls, Pete Buttigieg (the mayor) tops the Iowa caucus which was held today.

He said...

One year ago, we began this unlikely journey to win the American presidency. We weren’t well known, but we had a new idea. 

The idea that at a moment when Washington has never felt further from our lives, a middle-class mayor from the Midwest could carry the voices of the American people all the way to the American capital—and make sure they're actually heard

We had the belief that in the face of exhaustion, cynicism, and division—in spite of every trampled norm and poisonous tweet, that a rising majority of Americans was hungry for action and ready for new answers. 

We could see an American majority yearning for leadership to rally us together behind bold ideas that would make difference in our lives. 
Americans were ready to come together, but our politics weren’t. To seize this moment we needed a new path forward. That welcomed people instead of pushed them away—brought them together instead of driving them apart. Because this is our best—and maybe last—shot.

The skeptics said “not now.” “Not this time.” All this talk of “belonging,” of bridging divides, is too naive. Too risky. So tonight I say—with a heart filled with gratitude—Iowa, you’ve proved those skeptics wrong.
I want to thank every member of our campaign family, every organizer, every volunteer, every caucus-goer who talked to a neighbor or a coworker, every 
PeteForAmerica supporter who believed

You chose to move on not just from the broken policies of the last few years, but the broken politics that got us here. Tomorrow, because of what we did here, the nation will have that choice too.

We will continue building the movement that will not only win the election against Donald Trump but win the era for our shared values. We have exactly one shot to defeat Donald Trump. This is our shot. 

A president who avoided serving when it was his turn should have to stand next to a veteran ready to show what troops and veterans deserve from a real Commander-in-Chief

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