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Thursday, February 20, 2020

PWC Recruitment: Verbal Reasoning 2

Nobody knows what life forms may exist outside our own planet. The search for extra-terrestrial life in the universe took a step nearer to fruition with the discovery in June of what are believed to be traces of water on the surface of Mars.
 Life on our planet requires water and its presence on Mars may point towards the existence of past life on the planet. The Phoenix Mars Lander robot landed on the plains of Mars on May 25 2008, searching for signs that the Martian environment might once have been habitable to life. 

When it dug a ditch in the planet‟s surface, photos revealed small patches of bright material. Four days later those patches had disappeared, causing scientists to speculate that they were water ice that had previously been buried and which vaporised when exposed to the air. 

Scientists insisted that if the patches had been salt, they wouldn't have disappeared and if they had been solid carbon dioxide, then they wouldn't have vaporised. 

Q4 The Phoenix Mars Lander has provided proof that life once existed on Mars.

A. True
B. False
C. Cannot say 

Cannot say - The passage states that scientists speculate that there were ice
patches on Mars, which is needed for life. We are told about the Phoenix Mars Lander and its discovery but we are not told what the Phoenix Mars Lander has proved, disproved, or failed to prove. For illustration: this passage could be reporting on just one aspect of what Phoenix has discovered. So we cannot say if this is true or false without further information. 

Tip: this statement would have been False if the passage had said something to the effect that this is everything the Phoenix Mars Lander has ever done or  found. 

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