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Thursday, February 20, 2020

PWC Recruitment: Verbal Reasoning 1

Passage 1

In an effort to preserve fishing stocks, the European Union uses a quota system 
to regulate the amount of fish that can be taken out of the North Sea. This 
involves defining the tonnage of the various types of North Sea fish that each EU
member country can take. As soon as the catch is landed - but not before –
fishermen can be fined for landing more fish at their port than their quota permits. 
Each year fishermen dump thousands of tonnes of fish back into the sea either 
because they have reached their quota and don‟t want to be fined or because the fish are too small to be caught legally. Some environmental groups feel that 
existing approaches are not working since these fish are already dead and 
throwing them back serves no real purpose. They believe that other steps need to
be taken to conserve North Sea fishing stocks and avoid depletion.

 Q1 Fish stocks in the North Sea are nearly exhausted. 

A. True 
B. False 
C. Cannot say 

Cannot say - The passage tells us only that the EU are seeking to preserve 
existing stocks and environmentalists wish to avoid depletion. The passage 
does not tell us if fish stocks are near to depletion or indeed if they are 
plentiful, so we must answer Cannot Say. 

 Q2 Some environmental groups think new fish conservation methods are required. 

A. True
B. False 
C. Cannot say 

True - The passage states that environmental groups believe “existing
approaches are not working” and “other steps need to be taken”. So if 
measures other than existing are called for, this must mean new
methods are called for.

Q3 Fishermen can be fined for catching too many fish.

A. True
B. False
C. Cannot say 

False - The passage states that fishermen can be fined “as soon as 
the catch is landed -but not before-‟”

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