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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

How A Lady Died Close To Me In Bus

How A Lady Died Close To Me In Bus 

A man has explained how a lady sitting close to his colleague who took the same bus with her died before they came down from the bus.

He wrote...

"So my colleague gave me a gist of how a woman who sat beside her in the bus this morning gave up the ghost while in transit."

"According to my colleague, the deceased was the one who alighted from the bus so my colleague could have a chance to seat in the bus."

"They all got to the last bus stop, every one was getting set to alight, the deceased made no move, they thought she was asleep, when she wasn't responding. They found a way to alight, shook the deceased, she wasn't responding. She was gone!!! What could be the cause?"

"If anyone had a scuffle with her before she gave up....the person buy market be that. If anyone attempted to offer her a lift and this happened....another gbese!"

"If our emergency services are working well...maybe she would have been resuscitated. But God knows best is our consolation."

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