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Saturday, January 25, 2020

"I Found Out My Genotype Didn't Match My Parent Own" - Lady

"I Found Out My Genotype Didn't Match My Parent Own" - Lady

A lady went online to explain the drama that happened in their house recently when she found out that her genotype did not match with those of her parent after visiting the doctors for her results.

See what she wrote...

"I once did a genotype test that the result didn’t match any of my parent’s own. My siblings have started saying how they’ve liked me too much not to be their family. My mother looked pained like so I’m another woman’s child and giving her stress It wasn’t funny in our house"

"Different instances at home that day, my siblings started my mum if I was the only one born in that hospital that day? To make matters worse, the Dr that did the delivery just died a couple of years back... We will need traveling to state I was even born, everywhere panic"

"Ok! This is actually no joke cause my both parents are AA and result came out to claim I was AS, everything na dey click cause Na only me dey sick for my family... My father’s mother wey everybody claim I fit resemble don die years before my birth and no picture to follow claim."

"While thinking of it, we asked my mum assuming I’m not her daughter, what’s the next step? She sighed heavily, looked me in the eye and I could see that lurking pain of this should be a nightmare. “We will try and look for your real parents” She said. Mad o"

"My siblings are not making matter better because they’re now saying they will miss me greatly and asking my parents if I’m still entitled to the property. Property we all worked for o
, anyways my father was chilled and started making calls. I was in panic"

"Anyways, they reached an old family friend that worked in the hospital as at that time that claimed they gave birth to three babies that day. 2 girls and a boy, my siblings was like Boya their own sibling is a boy after all... My father was calming my mum and they went inside"

"All this while, I was just flabbergasted at the thought that this family isn’t mine? I might as well never belong anywhere... My parents came out like judged back from inner chambers to give final verdict, they said I must re do the test to be sure and revisit that hospital too"

"Anyways, the hospital did a mistake in switching my result and I did the test in another lab that confirmed I wasn’t AS, my parents weren’t satisfied and had me do it in two other places to be sure na dem born me... My family are aware of me posting this story. The End."

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