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Friday, January 3, 2020

Cardi B Dresses In Yoruba "Aso-Ebi" Nigerian Attire (Photos)

Cardi B Dresses In Yoruba "Aso-Ebi" Nigerian Attire (Photos)

The American female rapper, Cardi B looks dapper in her new Aso Ebi photo.

Just yesterday, she shared to the world in Reaction to the #worldwar3 trend that she wishes to change her nationality to Nigeria after coming for some days and enjoying her stay.

See photo...

Nigerians reacted to her wanting to be Nigerian, which made her trend on Twitter.

She went further to ask for what tribe she could pick in Nigeria, Alot of people shared their suggestions to her. Today, she tried the "Yoruba" outfit.

Recall that when she was in Nigeria, she gave herself the name an Igbo name ''Chioma B" after Davido's fiancee's name.

The rapper continues to trend as Nigerian celebrities get in on it suggesting for her the tribe and the processes for her nationality change.

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