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Thursday, November 21, 2019

2Face: "The Nigerian System Is A JOKE!"

2Face: "The Nigerian System Is A JOKE!"

One of Nigeria's top singers, 2Face Idibia with an International recognition has of recent been part of those in the country who are driving to see that the nation moves forward no matter the cost.

In a Tweet he dropped this morning on his official Twitter page, he has expressed depression of that not been actualised due to the current system of the country, writing that "criminals have hijacked the country"

He however encouraged the young generation to do better to influence a positive change to this system. 

He wrote "Naija system is a total joke. Criminals have hijacked naija. Men and women that have dedicated their time 2 make sure that naija will carry last.. No shame. No dignity. No honor. I pray the young men that have entered the system will do their best to influence positive change."

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