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Friday, October 25, 2019

Sex For Grades: Could Students Be The Problem? (Photo)

Sex For Grades: Could Students Be The Problem? (Photo)

Recently, there has been an unusual trend which is talking about lecturers in Schools demanding for Sex from their students in order to boost their grades.

Going through school, I could see that sometimes the problem really is from the students. In this short article, I will be giving two instances that might be true in some cases.

Some students actually perform really poorly in school due to the kind of lifestyle they live. There was a lady I knew that attended parties not less than 3 times in a week regardless of the tests or exams coming up. At the end of the day, she doesn't have enough time to prepare for her academic improvemenim in her tests and examinations and ends up failing. Now, some of these ladies in actuality comes from home that their parent are strict with education, but due to imfluemce, thdy fall prey and so they end up offering their bodies as burnt offering for multiplication to their lecturers.

Instance two is the way some female students dress up in school. There was a school i did a part time teaching once and the wife of the director was so strict about the way her female students dress. I asked her once why she was doing that to both her female students and teachers, she replied "body no be firewood", so in order to save her husband the stress of fighting it, he shouldn't even feel it coming often. So I feel strict rules should be placed on how students dress in schools too.

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