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Sunday, August 25, 2019

#BBNaija: "It's A Tough World" - Tacha's Social Media Handler After Strikes

#BBNaija: "It's A Tough World" - Tacha's Social Media Handler After Strikes

The social media handler of the Big Brother Naija housemate, Tacha had posted on her page after Biggie hits her with strike today for her fans to keep calm.

She wrote "It is a tough world out here. Nobody destined for greatness ever gets it easy. 
EVERY HUMAN has their positives and negatives. ."

It's understandable that everybody would not always come to terms and accept people for who they truly are.  NATACHA AKIDE is NOT a bad person like some people feel she is. 
She is loving, kind, compassionate and above all, SHE IS HERSELF. .

She is who she is and changing her entire personality for some set of people to accept is something she would not be very comfortable doing. .

We wish our girl the very best till the end of the show. 
This too shall pass 🙏.
TITANS, we understand many us are SAD/DEPRESSED over recent happenings. 
We plead with you all for the love of TACHA to keep calm and not get over the bar with anyone who has a different opinion from you about your favorite. 
We understand you sincerely love her and you're ready to do anything for her defense at this point but please let us all relax and understand that THIS IS A GAME and Big brother has the final say on anything. 
Keep supporting her with LOVE. .
GOD BLESS US ALL for remaining calm in the very face of the storm! 🔱🔱.

Highlight from the eviction show

 - Gedoni and Jackye were evicted last night.

- Khafi cried emotionally after her "boyfriend", Gedoni was evicted from the house.

- Mercy and Tacha were given two strikes last night.

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