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Sunday, June 9, 2019

“Sadly, I was not done making him proud” - Adekunle Gold About Dad's Death

“Sadly, I was not done making him proud” - Adekunle Gold About Dad's Death

The Nigerian Artiste, Adekunle Gold who lost his father recently has penned down emotional message in tribute of his dad. He wrote that he was not done in making him proud.

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"I feel a great sense of loss to officially announce that after we fought so hard, my father passed on the 27th of May, 2019.

My father was a GREAT man. He has always been the man I’ve looked up to. Growing up, I watched him work so hard for so little. He was very honest and has never been interested in shortcuts. 

Hard work and integrity meant everything to him. My father. I will always remember, what he said in this statement: "I've been in service far too long to let quick money ruin my reputation". This was my Father.

He is forever to be remembered as a teacher. My teacher.
We all know that teachers weren't big earners but my dad would ensure we always had everything we ever needed.

My Dad was so loving towards me. My father often wanted me to toughen up, it’s funny because he was the opposite tender and sentimental about me and my sisters. 

Sadly, I was not done making him proud, there are dreams I had with him in the picture, I don’t know guys, I really wasn’t done. 

I find little solace in something I read today. “God knows how to write straight on crooked lines” This area is very crooked for me, these are depths of grief that I have never dived. But God...God will figure it out. 

I thank you all for your prayers, your support, your kind words. None of them have gone unnoticed. I pray the love you’ve shown me will be accorded you in your time of need. 

To my Dad, the greatest man I will ever know in this life and the next, sun re o!
Adieu papa. May your soul rest in perfect peace."

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